A Security Concept should be established to ensure that risk analysis and evaluation of the facility’ security threats are detected.

This concept shall not only contain guarding, but also must contain the other security elements such as CCTV and alert systems, physical fences, barriers and procedures.

When Security Service or Security Concept taken into mind, not only Guarding Service, but also the other elements that will help to complete the system must be taken into consideration.

Manpower is the most expensive utility. Using all other elements to complement each other can enable companies to complete necessary measures without any additional risk.

Elements to be used in this context, can be Fences, lighting, will be different measures such as the use of dogs besides CCTV, Alarm Systems and Access Control systems. Sometimes just a lamp and a motion sensor / or audio device can be even more effective than manpower.

Companies would often prefer to budget electronic security equipments within construction expenses and prefer that this equiment is covered by construction companies. Because of this situation it is usually not possible to use electronic security equipment effectively.

Today, the result of improvements in electronic security equipment, can develop the conditions to allow the reduction of the number of employees, but it is essential to use the right equipment at the right place.

When creating this concept all current risks should be taken into consideration.