It is very important that the coordination and control of private seurity services are done by experts, just like other expertised businesses.

Generally, in the large organizations; Private Security Services is carried by an appointed specialist, tittled as“Coordinator”.

On the other hand, in the small or medium sized companies; it is not economically beneficial to hire a Coordinator. Due to economic reason, this duty often fulfilled and followed by Human Resources or Administrative Managers as twintask in these companies.

Due to this situation twin appointed managers workload increase and causes uneffective security services, which needs a seperate know how.

Fullfilling this service by Private Security Consultancy will both; increase efficiency of Security Services in Companies, and keep the costs at minimum by sufficiently “needed” This way; benefit of this “Part Time Service can meet the costs that will be incurred.

The time period that the company will need will be defined After surveillances and assesment, in the following time after taking service under control the time period and accordingly, the costs will decrease

We can define this system as “ Co-op Coordination of Private Security Services”