Company Executives travelling to foreign countries on business may request “Protection Service” because of uneasiness depending on various threats that could recently occured.

“Travel Consultancy” services are more efficient and protective for individuals on both business and private trips rather then “Close Protection” services which are not allways legal.

On the other hand; it is impossible to know where threats especially those of terrorism will take place. Terrorism has no border. However, it should not be ignored that; globally the number of people injured in street crimes are 15 times more then terror victims.

It is much simpler and more effective to prevent those whom are travelling in unknown areas from being in the wrong place at the wrong time then it is to provide close protection.

For the duriation of travel, prevention of risks will occure before by; arrangement of travel plans, using improved vehicles and drivers, selecting safety roads and stopovers will keep the employees secure

Also, our consultants who will accompany travellers during the trip will provide support in crisis situations and evacuate travellers from the area unharmed at any risk.