Coşkun OYGUR

Private Security Management Consultant

About Coşkun

Coşkun has been graduate from Kara Harp Okulu as Gendarme Officer in 1989. He had retired at the rank of lieutenant colonel in 2009, after serving in various levels of the Gendarmerie troops for 20 years.

He has completed PPL flight training and airport security training in 2009. He worked as Area Manager, Operations and Training Directorate, Security Consultancy, Corporate Company Consultancy, Company Establishment, and many other positions at International Security Companies.

Preparation of Private security risk analysis with different methods and techniques,

Establishment of feasible security based on risk analysis,

Integration of physical, electronic,human security  measures and procedural measures in relation to guarded areas or facilities,

Preparing procedures and work instructions in the scope of Quality Management System,

Trainning of executives and field staff for procedures and work instructions,

Preparation of desk action drills, drill applications and other security drills,

Improving procedures and work instructions in accordance with risk analysis and efficiency ratings,

Internal and external customer satifaction evaluations,

Evaluation of the operational capabilities of security companies,

Preparation of cost analysis and making profit analysis within the scope of cost effectiveness,

Preparation of tender dossier and contract negotiation process management,

Determination of human resources management priciples and preparation of employment and disemployment procedures,

Planning the trainnings in accordance with the administrative personnel’s job descriptions,

Training of the trainer for the private security  staff,

Coşkun OYGUR, who is a consultant with his professional experience and knowledge, has a medium level of English.